Elder Paul Jackson



Elder Paul Jackson was born and raised in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. He was saved on March 27, 1967 at the age of 22. He was called to preach the Gospel on the first Lord’s Day of May, 1967, and called to serve as a interim pastor of the Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Willow Hill, Illinois on the first Lord’s Day of August, 1967. He served the Salem Missionary Baptist Church for four months. He was called to pastor Calvary Baptist Temple in Cynthiana, Kentucky on the first Lord’s Day of December, 1967. Elder Jackson  served Calvary Baptist Temple for nine years. God richly blessed his ministry at Cynthiana, Kentucky.



Elder Jackson felt the call to go to Georgia to serve as a missionary in December of 1977. He served as a missionary for five years and six months, pastoring two missions. He was then called to pastor the Friendship Baptist Church on the first Lord’s Day, 1984. He served friendship Baptist Church of Glenwood Georgia for six years, after which four Baptist church members asked if Elder Jackson would be interested in starting a church in Lyons, Georgia. He concurred, and a church was started on the first Lord’s Day of February, 1990. The Lord has blessed the church tremendously. He is currently serving Landmark Baptist Church in Lyons, Georgia.